Veeam Notifications Error

Hi. I want to share with you an error that today I came up with. Some of our customers started to experience and error with Veeam Backup & Replication notifications. I have made a procedure to fix it my way, there is no Veeam KB or support ticket related to it, so use it at your own risk. Please make a backup of the database before continuing.

When a job finished it was displaying this message:

When you open the general options to check the notifications section, a message like this is displayed:

To do the following steps you will need a SQL Management Studio to access the SQL Server hosting the DB and a user with privileges to access it.

Based on the message I started to check tables in the database that might contain the information that was not parsed ok and I reached a table called Options so I made a select to the table to check if it was storing information that might need to be modified to fix the issue.

FROM [VEEAMDB].[dbo].[Options]

/** Modify the VEEAMDB database name to you enviroment database **/

Once I made the select I discovered that it was an entry with the email_notification configuration:

If you do not remember the configuration you had, you can click the value and gather the info in an XML format.

After making a backup of the information, I cleaned up the value with the following query:

  update [VEEAMDB].[dbo].[Options]
  set value = ''
  where name ='email_notification'

After executing the query (no reboot needed) I was able to open the general settings and configure the notifications options again based on this Veeam procedure

I think that this “bug” might be related to something like this Veeam KB on datetime format when installing or upgrading.

I hope it helps you and any recommendation or question, please comment below.

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